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I’ve been thinking…

There have been a lot of things that have changed over the years with regards to this space. This “thing” that I have created with the help of those involved, I thought originally was just a place to “workout”, get “shredded” and lift heavy weights. Rather than continue to give in to the superficiality, I have decided to pivot instead. These past two years have humbled me, revealing a great deal in demonstrating that this is something much more. There is much to be said, seen and experienced within the confines of this gym and to keep our identity the same would only provoke the potential for detonation. Let me say this plainly… I am NOT who I was when I started this. My map has expanded, my craft refined, my thoughts re-evaluated which has created a path that has led me to my next conclusion. Some will disagree, disapprove and yes maybe even leave, but that’s a risk I am more than willing to take, and I do so without hesitation. The banner that we have held high for the past five years has reached its expiration date, yet served its purpose. We have undoubtedly outgrown what it means, what it stands for and what it holds for the future. I have been contemplating this for a long time while having my patience pummeled with migraines and concern. With unease, I found myself asking repeatedly what “this” should be called and what the vessel should be to carry this message. The dialog that I want to convey to our audience dictates a movement. It’s aggressive and unfiltered yet genuine enough not to hide behind what many consider to be “acceptable.” Rather than hide, we dig in and fortify with the things that cannot be compromised. We do so because we understand what we have built and what it can potentially do for us. This place, this idea, this STRONGHOLD is the vessel for self-discovery. We define it as a place where a particular cause or belief is strongly defended or upheld while under attack; mediocrity, complacency, and ignorance are the weapons of choice. We realize that these things can permeate which is why we are hellbent on creating a controlled environment that fosters the habits of discipline and commitment. We refuse to settle for less or submit to the temptation of the mainstream. In our efforts we hope that you inevitably become a product of your environment, developing the same resilience as our new banner demands. To create an adaptation of the characteristics and qualities that dominate this place on a regular basis. It should be noted that this change was not something that I merely concocted all by myself. It was instead a direct reaction to what I was seeing on an everyday basis inside of the gym; an inevitable shift. A group of remarkable people who are relentlessly committed to the task at hand, who had developed a comradery among each other using pain and suffering as it’s catalyst. They decided to raise the bar far beyond my expectations and I am more than happy to return the favor with interest in perpetuity. When building anything there is always the enticement to rip it down from the outside which is why this cannot exist without the utter commitment from all the players involved. We have decided to fortify ourselves by our actions rather than by what we say and embrace the confrontations that allow this place to grow. Your capability is our utmost priority, given the more capable you become the more opportunity it can create both inside and outside of the gym. This is a place to provoke thought, to question and challenge what we already “know” so we can dismember the so called “claims” and “guarantees” that spew from the pretenders. And if we did our job correctly, you’ll be able to think for yourself, making the distinction between authentic and fake. Our vision, goal, aim or whatever you want to call it is to pursue what others are petrified to; to seek and destroy. A practice of seeking to understand, and to destroy what prevents our potential to progress. It is done with a high level of accountability that entails unsentimental self-assessment both from ourselves and the ones around us. These are concepts that are difficult to accept outside of our walls, which is fine because we intend to build them a little bit taller every day. If you can bring yourself to make the climb to the other side, we’ll be waiting…

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