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To whom this applies...

Why can’t you get it? I think I know why. You’re incompetent and more interested in listening to form a reply instead of listening to understand. You spend more time complaining than actually trying to figure anything out. Once you’ve completely tired yourself out from complaining you then go on the internet every day to answer shop for questions that you don’t even understand in the first place. Learning for you has developed as a frequent irregularity, leaving you in the aftermath of being cognitively constipated. The old Chinese saying goes “empty your cup” for it is difficult to fill something that is already full. I wonder how people do this today when they themselves are empty to begin with…

I need to know...How is it possible that you have made it this far in society? It is really possible that no one else has ever called you out, or have you intentionally and carefully placed yourself in situations that prevent any type of personal development? Your cup appears to be full; overflowing with ideas where the creator is always either I, me or my. Advice, guidance and recommendations are never mixed into whatever you currently have, we wouldn’t want to mess up that all too familiar taste. You don’t have time anyway, you’re too busy placing yourself in places where the outcome yields flattery, instead of feedback. And why not? Flattery is of course the essential ingredient for this recipe; after all…you know it all. It must be increasingly difficult and probably exhausting to know everything about everything. It’s possibly the main reasons why you prefer to spend the majority of your time laying back idly in the recliner. You lay there floating with your feet up looking at a ceiling that has the same repetitive, mundane pattern and design that’s reminiscent of how you’ve been living your life up until this point. You’re both still, absent of movement you and the recliner have settled in, both of you residing in your carefully constructed box. It’s simple in design yet serves its purpose… just like you. You’re confined, you’d rather not bash into the walls that have been fortified with your ignorance. But why should you venture outside anyway? You’ve already convinced yourself that there’s nothing worthwhile on the other side. Your options and experiences have been adequately assessed, you’ve seen it all, you’ve done it all, what else is there to learn? I’m sure this “problem” doesn’t bother you, because to you its anything but. You’ll continue to circulate in your compliment circle with the incompetent and I’m hoping that you don’t get lost. Your ritual is predictable, limited with the same amount of brain cells that you just happened to be born with. You know more than none and less than many, you have become a true legend in your own mind…well done.

If you’ve somehow made it this far, then there may be hope for you. Maybe it’s time to take a look in the mirror, or better yet get smashed in the face with it. Be sure to take a look at the shards on the ground because they’re broken...just like you. Maybe after reflecting you can then come to terms with yourself, realizing that the unsupervised cup lays there filled with the same stagnant drink. It sits there stale and foul; it lacks any type of advancement, progression or development…Sounds refreshing. Emptiness is the true starting point here, the real objective. It’s an outcome that’s only achievable after you’ve emptied your pride and ego filled cocktail. Perhaps then you’ll come to the realization that your experiences are exactly what they are and all they will ever be, YOUR experiences. You need to move on, your fixed outlook needs fixing, your inertia needs instigating, it’s time to become impotent from your obstinance. It wouldn’t kill you take someone else’s advice, critiques, or recommendations. What’s the worse that can happen? The possibility of newfound capability? So, fucking do it. Say “yes” more frequently when the opportunity to learn is offered, at the expense of looking like a novice and exposing your insecurities.

Empty your cup, and more importantly let someone else fill it up for you. Then empty it out again and have another person fill once more. Repeat and allow others to give you something that you can take in, so that you can use it for something that’s worthwhile. It’s a risk, a roll of the dice, a chance you have to be willing to take. It’s time to wake the fuck up, either empty your cup or just get it over with and drink the poison...

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