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With mass panic and hysteria settling in, it’s to no surprise to see how disconnected we have all become from each other, the world we live in and even ourselves. While the imminent threat of the virus is obvious, what has become even more dangerous is our reaction to it. The acceleration of the fear is something that has escalated quicker than the virus itself as speculation quickly transitioned to overkill with nothing in-between. Our dependencies have been comprised, our health remains uncertain and our routines have been interrupted. The question we must all ask ourselves now is; what remains? Dependency itself is a prison, its predictability pacifies the underlying fear of losing the supposed control that we think we have. We presume that we need the familiarity so the fetish for our fix can be satisfied. An attachment, once taken away creates confusion which is immediately followed by fear with panic not far behind. We begin to take what we don’t need in excess at the expense of others who are suffering from a deficit. It only makes sense during grim times of black and white that you truly see people’s true colors; the contrast is unmistakable. One must consider especially in times like these how much is my independence restricted from my current dependencies?

There is an uncanny similarity between what is going on currently and also what occurs in fitness industry. The frequent phrases “I need my coach” or “I need my gym” are usually uttered as trainees embrace their addiction to the gym without considering the potential for withdrawals. The emphasis is placed solely on the what the tool is instead of why it’s useful. We think just because we needed it previously that we will always need it indefinitely. Yet when we take these things away, we become disoriented, incompetent, and eventually lost. The distinction is important; whatever got you to where you are now doesn’t mean it will get you to where you need to be. We subconsciously limit ourselves by admiring the “thing” that helps us without ever considering the possibility that one day it may not be there. There is no contingency plan just the act of being carelessly consistent.

With all of this considered, what does it actually mean to be fit? If I can only train under the most ideal circumstances than how much thought have, I really put into my training thus far? What I am able to physically “do” shouldn’t define my capability but rather my capacity to understand it. True mastery is thus being able to utilize training and its application in any situation. In essence, the goal is to have the ability to become independently fit so you can train through the restrictions and ambiguity that is placed in front of you. To become independent is to assume the responsibility to make decisions that will have an impact on your needs regardless of the environment and the circumstances. Amidst the current chaos it has become more vital to become independently fit to apply what you have learned. Have you become dependent or independent?

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