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Stronghold is a gym PERIOD. All who are eager are welcome, but you must be invited to stay. The ones that do, undergo a crucible of physical, and psychological training in order to complete difficult objectives. We are more than just a space to train, we are a discipline, a philosophy defined by a set of methods and principles with the intent to completely recompose who you are. This is who we are, GET READY.

Let me start by saying that we are not for everyone. We are a selective facility. We are selective because being able to train here is earned not given. It’s earned because we value what this is and where it can take you. Let me be clear, your initial level of capability will not incriminate you from joining. We are more concerned about the mind-set rather than the actual skill-set. This is not elitism, this is creating an environment of like-minded individuals to foster growth and accountability among each other. Our attitude is a relentless commitment to the task at hand regardless of the difficulty. We don’t let the unknown frighten us or the difficult discourage us. Instead, we get comfortable with being uncomfortable. To us, the process is more important than the product.

Our culture, put simply, is realistic and direct. By realistic, I mean being honest whatever the cost (yes, that includes your feelings). By direct, I mean simple and efficient (we cut out the ancillary and unnecessary crap). From our culture stems our core philosophy, principals and what we as a gym prioritize. They are as follows:

#1 Strengthen the psyche; Fitness starts in the mind. If the mind is prioritized and strengthened first, then the body will undoubtedly follow.

#2 Train with a purpose; you should always train with an objective that you want to achieve. The more specific the definition of the objective becomes, the better we can prepare the actual training for it.

#3 Always “do more”; Training is not exclusive to the gym. Ultimately, this boils down to behavior and habit. No amount of training that you do can outweigh what you do outside of the gym. There are many things we change behaviorally outside of our training that can enhance the actual training that we do inside the gym; whether that’s referring to diet, recovery, or supplemental work.

If these seem simple, they are. If you think they’re easy to implement, then you’re in for a very rude awakening.

We are not mainstream in our approach by any means. Our refusal to conform to mediocrity and embrace the gimmicks, allows us not to compromise our high standards. The expectation is set high and more importantly kept high because the training that we conduct is exactly what it should be; unfiltered hard work supplemented with ruthless feedback. We have an awareness about us and know how to keep each other in check. We seek out your self-imposed limitations and eliminate them with extreme prejudice. Value is placed more in your actions than what you say. All things considered, what you know doesn’t matter, what you do matters.

This is who we are, we are against the grain, the nail that sticks out, an offshoot of people who hold an unyielding dedication to hard work and discipline. Our time is limited which is why we must be selective. All who are eager are welcomed, but you must be invited to stay. If you walk through our doors, get ready to work.

You're welcome…we may be in touch.

Stelios Karakonstantis

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