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Updated: Oct 24, 2022

For those who did it "on their own"

            It’s amazing how many thank yous are misplaced today particularly from those who tend to have the most impact.  I often wonder if it’s indeed the consequence of a miscalculated mistake, or the voluntary sleight of hand that allows for the real credit to be smuggled somewhere else.  But let’s be honest, human behavior is disproportionally disappointing especially when it comes to giving the credit to those deserving of it the most. 

        It’s easy to succumb to the temptation, the reflex is automatic and the twitch is always on time because we constantly need to believe that we did the “thing” without the assistance of others.  The ego needs it to survive; an overwhelming necessity that nourishes narcissism.  It’s to no surprise that today’s culture encourages the rejection of personal responsibly and detachment from reality. Just look around, its easy to see because everyone has seemed to become their own best critic, personal endorser and of course their ultimate number one fan, regardless of the quality and the amount of work that was put in. 

       We used to communicate our achievements in front of large crowds, pounding our chests with war cries from the hill tops but recently twiddling our thumbs from the safety on an artificial keyboard through a mere phone adequately suffices.  Perhaps, this demonstrative behavior is more frequent because in reality, the outcome for most was not from their own doing?  But for arguments sake maybe there was help or inspiration, maybe even an external influence? But hey let’s not the divulge that sensitive fact-checkable information, we have followers and likes at stake from people who never met us before and most likely never will.  Yet, conspiracy theories tend to need some type of proof but I’m not going to point at the pre-obese insta-influencer who received post-plastic surgery while they sell their shit and get fit workout smoothie, #askmehow.  It also seems that courtesy has been cut from our consciousness and gratitude has been grated down to bits and pieces that even the smallest bacteria are unable to consume. It begs the question; Where does the apprehension and reluctance come from? I would say a well-orchestrated symphony of laziness and stupidity reinforced with a susceptible cesspool of spectators they adamantly call an audience.  Laziness has always led to plagiarism throughout history whether that be from an invention or a piece of writing, but there is something exceptionally low about the intentional misrepresentation of effort, but not lower than whale shit, that stuff sinks to the bottom of the ocean.

         If this sounds like an admission about what was deserved, its quite the contrary, rather a gut check to acknowledge where one comes from instead.  Don’t forget those that were willing to help, to listen to the bullshit, and guide you away from the landmines you were willing to jump on just because it happened to look like a more promising proposition…

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