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A bridge is a means for us to get from one destination to another due to an obstacle impeding our path. It’s used by many without a single moment of hesitation and while this exists as a thing of convenience, I straightforwardly raise the questions; do we have to cross is at all? Is it even fucking necessary? For me, the answer is conclusive and obliges action rather than a simple reply of yes or no. It’s a break in rhythm, a disruption of pace, a “confrontation” leading to the burning of this bridge right to the ground. Although some categorize this as an argumentative burden, I readily use it as a tool especially when it comes to the task of training. I accept that in today’s climate that it’s highly frowned upon to burn these bridges, however in this instance, I have no problem becoming an arsonist. To confront someone or something in any arena has become taboo, offensive and something that somehow falls into the realm of the prohibited. We’d rather stay within our confines of content than realize that confrontation leads to comprehension. IT IS the vessel for understanding especially when associating it with the things that we have a difficult time accepting. Although these things tend to be imbedded within our habitual patterns, they inevitably migrate into our training. Subsequently, when we train there is an overwhelming bias that inherently comes along with it. An impending self-evaluation, an inner dialog speaking to us that we already know what we “should” be doing and everything we’ve done up until this point has already reached a state of “proficiency and expertise.” It’s overbearing, a presence of human nature and instinct looming over our head. We believe the lies, especially the comfortable ones that allow us to stagnate and it leads us to the dead ends which have become our mecca. And why should we think otherwise? No one has vocalized this to us and we haven’t developed the awareness to remove ourselves from our comfort to try anything else. We are thus absent from confrontation which is virtually absent from most facilities. The weaknesses that are obvious are never addressed and our evasion of things that we don’t want to do are never faced. Our hubris hijacks our humility stealing it from us, blinding us, leaving us with nothing but a false sense of security. We attempt to lift the weight we shouldn’t be, run the distances that are too far, and complete the high reps that are way beyond our capability. We even feel threatened by criticism and even the possibility that someone might know us better than we know ourselves. Disoriented and misplaced, at this point what’s left on our journey to self-discovery other than complacency and contentment? It is to no surprise that we will undoubtedly avoid uncomfortable circumstances for a brief moment of relief while compounding interest for the painful future that we have set up for ourselves. We are hesitant to initiate a conflict within ourselves as our involuntary response is to be defensive. The narrative that we ALL have created is a construct from the people we are involved with, the environment we are in and the experiences that stems from the two. If separating oneself from a setting that sustains stagnation is unavoidable, than the only option is to disengage. Rid the relationships that contaminate and infect what you have tried to build. The moment we confront ourselves and begin to allow crucial moments of abrupt, unprepared, interruption to permeate our current state and the people involved, is only when you’ll actually begin to wake the fuck up. While it may seem unforgiving and merciless, I don’t hesitate…because quite frankly you can’t. I’m not interested in the pleasantries or the merits of my success. I’d rather hear the negative, the things that pierce my eardrum and violently shake me out of the coma. Confront those who hinder, delay and cripple until you reach the bridge where they reside and with your arrival, I urge and incite you to make the choice less chosen. To NOT cross this bridge as it only leaves an open invitation to cross over again. Say what needs to be said, remove the restraints, leave no stone unturned and yes, ignite the flame.

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