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Our group sessions are facilitated by our expert coaches and thoughtful programming.



TIME : 11 A.M.

AGES : 8-13

  •  6 WEEKS / 12 CLASSES

  • $200 PER CHILD



  • Our 1 hour, interactive classes are designed to give young athletes a balanced approach to fitness.  Each class will focus on developing strength, endurance while refining foundational movement patterns.  

  • All classes will be facilitated with two trainers on the gym floor at all times.  Our experienced and enthusiastic trainers are trained to provide a safe, enjoyable and motivating experience for every athlete, ensuring that they leave each class with a sense of accomplishment and love for fitness.

  • We will keep track of every athlete's progress each week while progressing each exercise.


     Fitness has been part of my lifestyle since the very beginning and since then I have developed over a decade of experience in CrossFit training. My training through that process has brought me to higher levels of competition where I placed 8th in the teenage division at the 2019 Crossfit games while also becoming  The Youth Virginia state Olympic weight lifting champion.  While competing I realized that there was still more to learn and the practical application of training needed to be supplemented. I then decided to study at Adelphi University where I graduated with a Bachelor's in Exercise Science. During that time I've spent the last four summers coaching kids at my gym back in Virginia Beach, honing my skills in youth fitness instruction. I'm eager to meet everyone joining us this summer to share the experiences and lessons I've learned with everyone.

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     Health & physical fitness has always been a frontrunner in my life. For me, it began as a kid picking up a ball for a catch with my father, which in time led to more organized sports like swimming, softball, & volleyball as I grew up. The sports I played & the competitive nature of them gave me a solid appreciation for fitness, and it is one that I continue to cultivate today. As time went on & when the sports I participated in were in my rear view, I recognized the value of keeping oneself active and healthy as we age.  Ultimately this meant pursuing  more of a functional training method so my fitness could be transferable into other aspects of my life outside of the gym. However the newly acquired capability did not come without an over looming thought that had presided over me; Difficulty is a filter and l most will fail to pass through it.  

     With that said, my training philosophy is as direct as it is transparent.  Because of this the approach is specific which means it's scalable and therefore sustainable.  I don't see the utility in excuses past a "heartfelt conversation" after that it's time to work, and withdraw from the distractions.  I come from a place of experience and while it is mine and mine alone I am willing to share the lessons as a means so you can find your own.

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