My name is Stelios Karakonstantis and I am the head trainer and owner of The Stronghold Gym in West Hempstead.  We are a selective and private training facility that specializes in functional training that’s dedicated to a serious clientele.  The term “Stronghold” is defined as a place where a particular practice, cause, belief, or set of values is strongly defended or upheld.  Accountability, Commitment and honesty to name a few.  I am eager to provide something that is different and useful for the Athletes that are willing to come in order to confront the “limits” they think they currently have. 

     I am reaching out to you all in accordance with a demand that has become increasingly apparent to me within the last year. It entails training young athletes to become more capable within the sport that they currently play.  I’ve taken a great deal of time to reflect about this, what it means and what I intend to accomplish moving forward. Being an athlete myself and having trained many over the past 18 years, my experience tells me that there are a lot of independent variables that need to be considered.  Psychology, physiology, and nutrition are some of the many examples.  I believe in transparency and being honest not only with your children but with you as well.  There are no guarantees, shortcuts or promises other than that my staff and I will dedicate a large amount of effort and time into these athletes. To be clear, this is NOT a babysitting service. This will require as much involvement from you as it will from me and my trainers because there is no amount of work that you can do inside of the gym that will outweigh what you do outside of the gym.  I am a firm believer in that the more capable you become the more opportunity it creates and that is exactly what I want to create for all of the athletes that decide to train here.  



     We are more interested in the mind-set rather than the actual skill set.  I want to teach the athletes that the lessons, skills and habits that they learn inside of the gym are also applicable to what they do outside of the gym. The objective is thus, to make the athlete independently fit so they can become aware, self-reliant and have a better understanding of how they operate as an athlete both on a psychological and physiological level.  This will be an interactive environment and the classes will be an hour. The focus will be strength and conditioning by means of utilizing functional training.  By functional training, I’m referring to training that is transferable to the actual task at hand. In this case, the actual sport that they are pursuing and currently playing in. There will also be a Nutrition component for the program as well. It will be from a performance and recovery perspective and NOT aesthetics. This means it will not be a one-size fits all approach but rather something much more individualized for each athlete. I’m looking forward to hearing back from those who are willing to take on this training regime. If you decide to come, we’ll be waiting…